Video Production

At Zade Aerial we live and breathe video production in Warwickshire, it’s our passion and we are experts at capturing stunning video production in the Warwickshire area from both ground and aerial perspectives. The team has an in-depth knowledge of all things pre and post production and understand what needs to be obtained to create something that is inspiring and captivating for your audience. We are based in the midlands in Warwickshire which is an ideal location to travel throughout the UK.

Zade Aerial are proud to offer the full package of video production and film making based in Warwickshire, from beginning to end; we do our own professional video editing and colour grading in house. We have over 5 years drone flight experience and strive to capture the most impressive footage we can. Our team also has extensive ground based filming experience, we have worked on a range of different projects, from corporate video production, documentaries, short films, virtual tours to weddings.

We use a diverse selection of state-of-the-art video production equipment that enable us to film in beautiful cinematic 4k on the ground or from the sky.

We’ve broken down some of the different video production services we offer in Warwickshire below.

Drone Videos:

We’ve been using drones as part of our video production in Warwickshire and surrounding areas for approximately 5 years. Over the last few years the drone technology has improved drastically. As cinematographers we use drones in a very artistic and tasteful way, adding drone filming to your package will really take your films to new height and improve the overall production value of the film.

We hold all of the relevant drone permissions and have public liability insurance to cover our operations. This gives you piece of mind, if you are unsure about any companies credibility, please ask to see the certification and insurance.

Corporate Videos:

There are many advantages of having a corporate video for business. it will contributes towards business development, brand awareness, corporate identity, sales and marketing.

We’ve worked with numerous companies in different business sectors, helping our clients promote their business and increase marketing across their social media platforms and the Internet as a whole.

Our aim is with the use of a corporate video to increase your visibility online. There is no doubt that websites that incorporate video score a lot better with search engines.

Before hand, we always like to sit down and take through your business so we can really understand what it is you looking to achieve with a video. This also helps us learn more about what it is your business does, as every business is different.

We love to work on corporate videos because every business is so drastically different, so it’s a completely blank canvas for us each time we start a new corporate video. We love this aspect of corporate video work, and we take the time to understand your business video needs.

Adding video to your website allows you to communicate your key messages and attracts more traffic from your key target market in an engaging way. A video is not only a sensible investment that will save you money in the long term; it also guarantees to make a power statement about your business and considerably enhance your customer or client’s experience.

Health & Fitness Videos:

We’ve worked closely with a host of gyms and fitness centres helping create motivating and engaging promotional videos for their businesses.

Incorporating creative video production techniques along the way to help wow their intended audience with a high quality professional health and fitness video. We have all of the relevant tools for this type of video production, so rest assure that we are able to deliver a fantastic end result.

We are able to facilitate the support of pushing out regular video content over Facebook and Instagram to name a few. We like to work closely in partnership with a company to gain more of an insight into the business.

Interviews and Talking Head Videos:

Interviews and talking head videos are an informative way to describe what it is you do to your customer. They also work fantastically for a narrative to your film, add music and some action shots of your business in action and you have an engaging video which tells the story of your business.

Documentary Videos:

Allow us to follow your business through a narrative driven video, which digs deeper into all aspects of the business. Building an informative documentary on the day to day running of the business and what really makes it tick. We aim to create documentaries, which pull the viewer into the film, the goal is simply to entertain or delight the audience in some way.

Travel Videos:

If you’re looking to create a professional travel video to promote a destination abroad then you have come to the right place. We are able to obtain local aviation permissions easily from countries such as Croatia, France, Switzerland and Germany for drone operations. The use of drones really helps give the viewer a field for the location you are trying to promote; this is ideal for travel or destination videos.

We already hold the relevant permissions in work in Croatia; please see a recent video we created for a client. This video we used to promote Mjet Island and Dubrovnik.


Wedding Videos:

Our wedding video sister company has won awards for its excellence in wedding videos. Our approach to wedding videos is different to that of our corporate/commercial videos. The aim is to remain unobtrusive to the day as it unfolds, capturing beautiful cinematography as a fly on the wall. With this approach we are able to capture beautiful organic documentary style footage with a cinematic twist. We also incorporate drone filming into the films which helps tell the full story of the wedding day, showing the beautiful wedding venues off in all their glory.

Video Production Showreel

If you have any questions in regards to our video production, please feel free to get in touch via the contact us page. You can also see our latest showreel below.

We look forward to discussing your video ideas with you.