Health and Safety / Planning

hs_image1Health and Safety is a must for us, we follow strict procedures to help us mitigate risk, prevent delays and select the correct equipment for the job. Prior to the work being started and throughout, we follow a set process which is outlined in our CAA approved operations manual:

Pre-Site Survey – Before attending site to complete the work we will perform a remote pre-site survey. This allows us to check local airspace type, terrain, proximity’s, hazards, restrictions, obstructions, weather and NOTAMS. (Notice to Airmen Charts)

On-Site Survey – On the day of attending site or sometimes prior to the day of the work we will complete an on-site survey, this helps us accurately plan our take-off and landing areas as well further analysis of the site and risk mitigation.

Risk Assessment – For each job that we undertake a formal risk assessment will be completed, this helps us identify hazards, evaluate the risk associated with that hazard and determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard.

Brief and De-Brief – We brief all of our clients and crew prior to take off with responsibilities, how the job will be executed, any NOTAM warnings, emergency procedures, aircraft allocation, and route plans. After landing we will also perform a de-brief accordingly.

We are insured with public liability insurance!