Company Information

Zade Aerial is based in Rugby, Warwickshire, this is a great central midlands location which enables us to be just a stone’s throw away from most of our clients. As individuals we are certified in multimedia technology and have the relevant permission for aerial work (Pfaw) certification to operate throughout the United Kingdom. With this certification we can also operate inside other European countries with the appropriate permissions obtained from that country.

Our aim as a company is to provide a cost effective service for our clients which help solve business problems, improve efficiency, boost marketing and lower derived costs. We are an adaptable business that is open to any ideas or suggestions you may have. We operate on the grounds of solid planning and health and safety regulations which are set by the Civil Aviation Authority. This provides consistency through the services we offer as a company and helps us mitigate any risks prior to take off.

We offer a broad range of services, including ground photography and video, aerial photography and video, roof/structure inspections, panoramic photography, time-lapse photography and aerial progress photography.

We also specialise in creating professional promotional videos for our clients, we can create comprehensive virtual tour videos with the help of our UAV’s, handheld gimbal and high quality professional Panasonic cameras and lenses. With the mixture of ground and aerial videography we are able to produce inspiring videos which captivate the intended audience.