Drone Wedding Filming Ideas

We’ve been drone filming weddings for around 4 years now. One of the popular services we offer is drone wedding videos. If your thinking about having a drone for your wedding, please read on as we will explain how we use drones safety during a wedding day.

Establishing Wedding Venue Shots

Weddings are usually held in beautiful picturesque places such as manor houses, barn venues or even beach locations. These locations always look fantastic on a film but captured with a drone they look ever so more stunning. Drone filming can look so spectacular because the footage can really reveal the grandeur of the venue and give the viewer a new perspective. Drone filming really does set the scene for your wedding film, giving the viewer a feel for the atmosphere of the location and a 3D style bird’s eye view. We’ve worked at castles, farms, barns, beaches, you name it. We always edit the footage in among our ground-based video which really helps tell the full story of your wedding day. Often we’ll take the drone to the wedding venue ahead of the day and film all of the wedding video establishing shots beforehand. That way when it comes to the wedding day, we can completely concentrate on filming our couple, their wedding guests and the emotional moments as they unfold.

You can see some examples of the establishing shots below at a recent wedding we filmed in Cornwall. We spent the day prior to the wedding exploring the St Ives coastline and capturing some beautiful aerial shots of the bay. You can see all of these wedding drone shots as the film starts, take a look below. We’ve also provided some frame grabs of some of the amazing wedding locations we’ve had the pleasure of capturing.

Wedding Portraits with a Drone

Now this is where the fun really starts. Have you thought about having a drone capture you both as you walk hand in hand through the beautiful gardens of your wedding venue? Our drone can easily track a subject with its intelligent software. We are also great pilots with lots of drone flight hours under our belts, as discussed we’ve been doing this for 4 years now. This means we can follow along with you as you walk hand in hand and capture truly unique cinematic wedding drone videos that look out of this world.

An ideal moment to capture this kind of shot would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are all socialising, or during sunset hour when the light golden. During the day we save time and capture these kinds of shots when you go out for your portraits with your photographer.

Here is our latest show aerial wedding show reel for the year, we’ve put together all of our favorite drone wedding clips into one video for you. The video begins with the establishing drone wedding shots we’ve captured and then moves into more creative aerial wedding portraiture.

Wedding Vehicle Aerial Filming

Have you decided to hire a beautiful vehicle to transport you to/from your wedding ceremony or reception? If so, aerial shots of you cruising down the road with your bouquet raise high in the air can look amazing. We’ve captured so many beautiful drone tracking shots as our couples cruise away from their ceremony in their beautiful wedding vehicle. It all adds to a memorable story to your film, and creatively captures the a moment from a new aerial perspective. Take a look at the film below, Melissa arrived at the ceremony in a stylish grey jaguar, we captured it with our drone and tied it into their film.

Wedding Drone Fireworks

Are you having a large firework display for your wedding? We’ve had the pleasure of capturing some spectacular wedding firework displays over the last 4 years. If your having a large display, we’d absolutely love to capture it with the drone. We recently filmed at the beautiful Eastnor Castle for the wedding of Cheryl & Harry, we managed to capture their whole firework display with our drone, even with castle lit up at the bottom. See Cheryl & Harry’s firework display at the end of this their wedding film below.

Other things to consider

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind if you plan to hire a drone. Drones are essentially mini-helicopters with cameras, so if the drone operator isn’t a properly trained professional, you risk having any number of accidents on your hands (none of which you would ever want, but especially not on your wedding day). We are full licensed and insured to use drones, we have hours of flight experience and will always use the drone in a very unobtrusive way. We wont fly it over your wedding guests during the reception, we’ll instead use it as a fantastic film making tool.

For more information about our wedding drone filming please visit our dedicated wedding videography website below:

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