Wedding Videography & Cinematography

We’ve been working in the wedding industry for around 3 years now. Our company has grown and our videography skills have developed. We have a passion for capturing the best day of our couples lives. We strive to push our creative cinematography boundaries every time we film a wedding. We are not content with just creating a wedding film, we really want to make something we and our couples are passionate about.

In regards to the cinematography tools we use to film our weddings we tend to use the most unobtrusive cameras. At the moment we are shooting with the Panasonic GH5 which is a lovely small camera that produces a beautiful 4k image. (All of our weddings are filmed in 4k resolution) We use up to 4 of these cameras, mainly for the ceremony and speeches where we’ll be aiming to have lots of angles covered. The Panasonic GH5 also has lots of great features, such as the in body stabilisation (IBIS). This really helps us be creative in our approach to filming weddings without having to worry so much about tripods and monopods. We can get some fantastic creative angles during bridal preparations, the reception and during the evening.

We use the Inspire 2 drone which is fantastic for our aerial shots. Alot of the time we will film establishing drone shots ahead of the day, this saves us time during a busy schedule on the actual day of the wedding. This really takes our videos to the next level and produces some wonderful shots of our couples wedding venues, not usually possible with just a ground camera.

In regards to audio we always place a mic onto our grooms jacket, this enables to capture beautiful crisp audio of the vows and speeches without having reverberation or echo. This really helps to tell a great story using the high quality audio we have captured throughout the day. For us it is all about story, every wedding is different. Every wedding is special and unique and its great that we are able to tell each of our wedding couples stories.

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