Inspire 2 Review

So we’ve been using our inspire 2 for a good 6 month (ish) on a range of different projects and are we happy?… YES!!!!

It’s an incredible drone which has some amazing features, for us mainly it is the improvement in image quality. It really does out preform the Inspire 1 in every way. I find myself each time I use it being reminded of how good it actually is in comparison. I’ve really noticed as massive improvement is smoothness/steadiness when flying, especially with the 45mm lens. The shots are so much better and free from jitter it is fantastic.

The sensor is great and performs so much better in lowlight than the old zenmuse X5. The 4k is delightful and so pretty, we have had so much good feedback from our clients in regards to the footage. We will continue to use the drone and are super happy with our investment.

This drone is a professional standard drone, which produces professional results. Please feel free to take a look through our gallery and video gallery for some of recent projects filmed with the Inspire 2.

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