Video Production in Warwickshire

At Zade Aerial we have all aspects of video production covered, we use a range of different pieces of state-of-the-art equipment that enable us to capture all perspectives. Our company has the relevant PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority, this allows us to use drones (UAVs) in the commercial environment.

We are also invested in a variety of different pieces of ground based equipment such as cranes, sliders, dollies, handheld stabilisers, you name it. We use professional grade cameras which allow us to capture 4k imagery from both ground and aerial views. With both of these perspectives covered in 4k we are able to create some fantastic dynamic shots for you videos, in beautiful UHD resolution.

Our team are specialised video editors and complete all professional editing and colour grading in house. Our editors can create content which perfectly fits in with your current branding, with logos and text overlays. We can also animate different aspects of your text and logos.


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