We Now Offer Aerial Mapping Services With Our Drones

We now offer UAV Mapping services!

We are now able to offer full high resolution images of large areas of land, with the use of our professional drones we are able to easily map out a set perimeter of your choice. Our drones will automatically fly up and take a series of high quality HD images. These images can then be stitched together to form one high resolution image showing land contours and other useful information.

All of the images taken by our drones are geo-tagged which means they can easily be stitched together and integrated into other maps. (As seen below!)

The software we use allows us to map out the area with precision, the route our UAV takes can easily be saved and we can re-capture the mapping again and again with exactly the same coordinates.

Please see an example below:

aerial mapping, mapping, inspire1, dji

aerial mapping, mapping, inspire1, dji



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